Burglaries Continue

Burglaries Continue

Firearms and Tools Big Targets

Over $1,000 worth of firearms as well as tools, cash, equipment, and televisions were reported stolen to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office in multiple burglaries last week.  Two of the burglaries were reported on July 16 from residences on the 1000 block of Youngblood Road in Trenton and from the 800 block of Coronet Drive in the North Augusta section of Edgefield County.  A third occurred on July 18 at a residence on Holmes Pond Road in Johnston.

In the Youngblood Road incident, the homeowner returned home to find his door had been kicked in.  According to the ECSO report, once inside, it was discovered that a silver Smith & Wesson 9mm SD9VE pistol had been stolen along with a German model 98 rifle, a single shot 16 gauge shotgun, $1,400 in cash, a 42” Vizio TV, and a 55” Samsung TV.  The total worth of stolen items was given as over $2,500, and damages were estimated to be $250.

An ECSO report details that on Coronet Drive, that homeowner arrived home to find a shoe imprint on his front door which appeared to be the result of someone attempting to kick in the door, but that attempt was unsuccessful.  Evidence was also found to suggest that someone tried to force their way through a back door.  At that site, the door frame was found cracked, the door partially kicked in, and the screws on the striker plate partially out.  Entry was gained into the home, however, through a back window which had been broken out.  From this scene was taken $300 in silver change, a camoflauge and green KelTec 380 9 round firearm with an extended magazine, an IPAD Generation 1, a Ford F150 key fob, and an older model black five shot 22 revolver.  The stolen items at this scene were estimated to be worth $1,500, and damages were said to total about $1,700.

As for the Holmes Pond Rd. crime, the ECSO report states that the homeowners returned home after being away several weeks to find a green John Deere 8000 watt portable generator with a Briggs & Stratton engine missing as well as a black MTD chipper yard machine.  Those stolen items were said to be worth over $2,000.

Citizens are asked to be on the lookout for strange vehicles and/or people in their neighborhoods.  If anyone saw anything strange in these aforementioned neighborhoods on or around the time of these crimes, they are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 637-5337.  The ECSO is investigating these crimes.