Paving Projects in Saluda and Edgefield Counties

Paving Projects in Saluda and Edgefield Counties

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is hard at work rebuilding and repaving roads across the state. It’s all a part of the agency’s efforts to reconstruct South Carolina’s roads and bridges, as detailed in our strategic 10-Year Plan.

Recently, SCDOT and contracting crews just finished Garrett Road in Edgefield County. This 2.180-mile road was the site of a reclamation project, which is a process where the old road surface is recycled into the new road foundation.

“This was a pretty rutted out road, so the rideability is going to be greatly increased, which is going to increase that safety factor,” Engineering Technician for Saluda Construction, Ethan Kuster, said. “Additionally, this road is widened to twenty-two feet.”

Other roads in Saluda and Edgefield Counties that have recently been completed include:

  • Lanier Road in Edgefield County, which was completed in June 2019
  • West Highland Street in the town of Saluda, which was completed in June 2019

Upcoming resurfacing projects in both counties also include Clemson Road and Ivory Key Road in Saluda, and Martintown Road in Edgefield County.

All of these reclamation and resurfacing projects are possible with funding from the new gax tax revenue. The 10-Year plan utilizes these state and federal resources for repairs, maintenance, and improvements to the existing highway system. Right now, our Pavement Resurfacing Program has exceeded expectations as we continue to push toward better roads for the motoring public around our state.