50thAnniversary of Wardlaw Academy

50thAnniversary of Wardlaw Academy

A Celebration to Come


As this newspaper went to press, there was notification of scheduled events, found in the article below, to be changed, due to impending bad weather – Hurricane Dorian. The school advised: “The events written about below will be rescheduled over the course of this school year.”


News of the Francis Hugh Wardlaw Academy’s 50 years of service to a community that reaches throughout and beyond Edgefield County will include saluting special leaders and enjoying social invitations that include games for all, a pizza party, planting a tree and a memorial service.

Patriots of all ages –former students (alumni), former faculty, and leaders such as early board members and past headmasters are on the list of invitees.

For seven months, those in charge of the celebration events have been awakening memories for alumni with publishing photos from the past, seen in this newspaper and on social media.  Now has come the time to gather around organized events and to add to those memories joining others in celebration.

To give a flavor of what is to come: Inflatables and ice cream will entice all ages to enjoy a 50-yard dash, a putting contest, a longest-distance football pass and free throw contest. The words “pizza” and “dance” are in the works, as is the “Lower School singing the National Anthem.” And special, young alumni will bring a message in their speeches.

A memorial service is planned with acknowledging of past leaders, from the school’s inception to today, and heads of school. A photo booth for fun pictures and a 50thT-shirt (if it was ordered) will add punch to the day!

As more events are being scheduled, the 50thAnniversary committee, is to be given kudos for their loyalty and creativity that have inspired such a full program for celebration, inclusive of all ages with a roster of alumni, faculty and heads of school.