Recovery Month Reception at Cornerstone

Recovery Month Reception at Cornerstone

Pictured are Edgefield Cornerstone staff: left to right, Katerra Baskin, Brenda Watson and Stephanie Forrest.

September is Recovery Month and the center for drug and alcohol counseling, Cornerstone, celebrated with receptions in both Greenwood and Edgefield on Wednesday, September 11.

Cornerstone in Edgefield is located at 603 Augusta Rd., and there are two counselors and an administrative staffer for intakes there. Their hours are generally 8:30 to 5:00, and a call will get you Brenda Watson who can advise you and offer information.  Brenda is from Monetta.

The counselors are Katerra Baskin of Greenwood and Stephanie Forrest of Johnston.  There are also counseling centers in McCormick and Abbeville available to the needs in those areas.

On Sept 11, eight agencies dropped in to be a part of the celebration event and to hear from the staff what services were available.

In the Cornerstone brochure is a welcome to a diverse population of men, women, families, adolescents, and children. “Many clients come to Cornerstone seeking treatment of their own free will, while some are seeking help to cope with the impact of a loved one’s addiction.” To call for information: in Edgefield, (803) 637 9336; in Greenwood, (864) 227-1001; in McCormick, (864) 852-3306 and in Abbeville (864) 366-9661.