Announcing a New Poetry Contest

Announcing a New Poetry Contest

“Adventures in Reading”

The Edgefield Reading Council is pleased to announce our first poetry contest with the theme of “Adventures in Reading.” The contest is open to students in Grades 3-12, and winners will be selected in each of the following divisions: elementary school, middle school, and high school. Winners will be asked to share their poems at a celebration in honor of the Distinguished Teachers of Literacy in November.

Topic: Each entry must be related to adventures in reading. Entrants are asked to write a poem about what inspires them most about reading, the people who inspire them to read, and/or the adventures they have when reading.

Form and Format: Poems may be written in any poetic style such as traditional with stanzas, free verse, the ode, the sonnet, an honorary poem, or in another style of the poet’s choice. Each poem should be at least ten lines in length and no longer than twenty-five lines.

How to Enter:  Entries should be emailed by no later than Tuesday, October 29  to Mrs. Laurie Prince at the following email address: Be sure to include each student’s name, school, grade level, and teacher’s name at the bottom right of each entry. If the student is willing, it would be helpful to have the home telephone number in order to contact each winner’s parents to arrange for the young poets to read as a part of our celebration. This contact information would be especially important for home-schooled students.

We are excited about this contest and about reading! We hope to have some excellent entries to choose among! Submitted by Laurie Prince, Reading Council member