Attempted Home Invasion on Cold Springs Rd.

            The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to an attempted home invasion Thursday night, Nov. 21, on Cold Springs Road on the Westside of Edgefield County.  The Advertiser was able to speak with the homeowners whose home was the target of this invasion and learned that 6 suspects were involved, all of whom were armed. Additionally, the suspects are thought to be young and at least one of them is believed to be a female.

According to the homeowners, the wife of the home heard noises outside, and when her husband went to a door of the home to investigate, he was “rushed” by an unknown assailant who then hit the homeowner on the head with some object, possibly a gun. Hearing the commotion, the wife grabbed a nearby pistol and took aim at the assailant.  Seeing her with the firearm, however, the assailant and his cohorts fled the scene before she could fire a shot.  The assailant is described as wearing a camouflage hoodie and a bandana of sorts around his face so that all that was visible were his eyes and forehead.  The homeowner described him as looking “like an outlaw.”  

            Photographic evidence of the would-be home invaders and the assailant was captured on a game camera.  According to the homeowners, it shows the gang of criminals mulling around outside the home about an hour before the actual attempted invasion occurred.  The ECSO has released 2 pictures from that footage and are asking that anyone who may have information regarding the suspects or anyone who might be able to identify them from the photos to call the Sheriff’s Office at 637-5337.  Additionally, the ECSO is asking that anyone living on Cold Springs Road, Red Hill Road, and Key Road who have surveillance systems or game cameras to contact the ECSO. 

            As for the homeowners, the man did receive minor medical attention for his head injury, and while they were shaken up over the event, both stated to the Advertiser that they are okay.  “It could have been a lot worse,” the wife told us.  The homeowners also lauded the response and efforts of the ECSO.  “I appreciate ‘em,” the husband told the Advertiser.  He noted the number of deputies that responded to the scene, and the fact that the dog team was even brought out to track the suspects.  “I know the Sheriff’s Office is gonna work diligently on it and do all they can,” he said.