To You Good Folks:

Since both my parents were raised in Edgefield area, Rose Mathis of Colliers Community and Walter Edgar Morgan Jr. of Plum Branch, I’ve had many—and still have a few remaining—dear relatives who live in and around Edgefield. Dr. Hugh Morgan (retired!) and I are 1stcousins as example.  The Morgan list was long.  

So too was my Mathis (grandma was a Thurmond – I think she and Strom were 1stcousins) heritage highly numbered.  Your Advertiser old business and resident neighbor Charlie Mathis (1 of my mother’s 4 brothers) is another example.  A mile from Peace Haven Church was the “homeplace.”

Therefore, I look intently at the “Colliers Chronicles” reviewing Advertiser articles as much as 101 years back.  Regularly I see my own family and relatives referenced as though it was last week!  Thank you for this journalistic “jog of memory”!

Additionally, while I do read (nearly) the entire Advertiser weekly, I look forward to nourishing my soul with Dr. Sigrid Fowler’s truly inspired contribution on top of page 2.  Any doubt she’s a Christian!?

Once I was a “Look who dropped by” as the Square and I experienced the Total Solar Eclipse. What day! What a Town! Cheers to the oldest newspaper in S.C.

Joe P. Morgan