New Year’s Again!

New Year’s Again!

By Blaney Pridgen

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Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something; a formal expression of opinion of intention agreed on by a legislative body, typically after taking a vote; an action solving a problem or dispute or contentious matter.

I like the definition in music: the passing of a discord into a harmony during the course of changing harmony.

What sense do these definitions bring to the idea of a personal new year’s resolution we might make for 2020? Come to think of it, 2020 suggests the sharpest resolution of vision.  Resolution is bringing dark hazy matters into light and clear form like focusing a camera.  What might come into focus in one’s life in this new year? Where will there be resolution?

We might resolve to lose some weight, clean out some closets, or even buy a new car.  Much closer to the fuller meaning of resolution, we might take a personal risk in bringing harmony where there is discord, solutions where there are serious problems.  These things go on from year to year in families, churches, businesses, and governments.   Will there be a clearer vision and more unity in 2020? Who will bring it about? What risks will they take?  Who will help them?  In this light, what kind of new year’s resolutions really matter.

The other day, even in this holy season, I heard a story of two next door neighbors becoming estranged over diverging opinions on national politics. They are ordinary humans living on the same street and sharing the same basic hierarchy of needs, yet there is discord and pies will not be shared over the hedge this Christmas. Hearing about this, I thought of members of Congress unable to cross the aisle.  And, I also remembered the fractures and unhealed wounds in my personal story.  Where might a risky resolution make a lasting change for the better? In all of this, isn’t it better to at least attempt a resolution even if the attempt fails? And in all cases, a little bit of resolution is better than none.  Go on and give the pie anyway, regardless of not receiving one in return or a no-thank-you-very-much.

I reckon that resolving something that really matters, like a breech in a relationship, has two problems attendant to it.  First is the risk, especially losing face.  The other party may not meet us halfway or meet us at all.  Always resolutions require a First Step.  A giving in and a giving up and a cost are involved. We know about turning the other cheek and the costs that involves, but what about the proffered kiss to the cheek that turns away? Ouch!

When I see exercise equipment for sale, I wonder if it was purchased in a January.  This suggests the second problem with resolutions.  They fail as often as they succeed.  Maybe even more than. When life turns brown it’s often due to failed resolutions and promises unkept.  We sometimes don’t make a resolution because so many have failed in the past.  So what? Make the resolution anyway.  Who knows? Maybe the next one will stick.

I have heard many times that “it is what it is.”  We don’t have to live our lives that way do we?  Whatever the “it” is, it can be changed.  This is the beginning of a new decade in a still new century. It’s resolution time long overdue.