Crime in Edgefield

Mount Vintage Golf Course Damaged

            The golf course at Mount Vintage was damaged March 14 according to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report.  That report was initiated a little 1:00 a.m. after a security guard for the neighborhood contacted law enforcement to report that while making his rounds he observed tire tracks leading onto the golf course.  The guard followed the tracks and located what he described as 5-6 younger males in a dark silver Honda Civic onx the golf course.  He said that it appeared as though the males had been driving erratically on the course.  The guard stated that when the youths saw him approaching, they got into the car and fled the scene.  The guard was unable to get the license plate information of the fleeing vehicle.  

Truck Stolen from Parking Area

            A truck was reported stolen from a parking area on Murrah Road near West Five Notch Road, Mar. 17.  According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the incident, the victim stated that he parked the truck in the parking area around 10:30 in the morning. When he returned about 2 hours later, the truck was gone.  The truck is described as a gray 2012 Ford F-150, 4 door 4×4 with a Carolina baseball tag on the front.  In the back of the truck was a walk-behind concrete cutting saw.  

            The truck was added on NCIC, and this case has been forwarded for further investigation.  

Case of Animal Cruelty Reported 

            A case of animal cruelty was reported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Mar. 17.  The victim in the case advised law enforcement that a puppy had been placed in a 5 gallon bucket and drowned.  The victim stated that the bucket is normally used to water a larger dog on the property but that the bucket had been moved and placed at the back door of the residence. It was filled with water and the puppy’s body was inside.  Law enforcement was advised that the day before this incident, another puppy had been found placed in the bucket but the puppy was found in time and was able to be rescued.  A possible suspect in this case was provided to law enforcement.  There are cameras located at the incident site but it was explained that only the possible suspect was aware that the cameras were not functioning.  

            This case is being investigated by the ECSO.