News from Corps of Engineers on Area Lakes

News from Corps of Engineers on Area Lakes

Consistent rumors abound concerning access to Thurmond Lake, Russell Lake and Hartwell Lake on the upper Savannah River for boating and fishing. Boating and fishing remain OPEN. Campgrounds and day-use areas at Thurmond and Hartwell lakes operated by the Corps of Engineers are closed until further notice. Boat ramps inside campgrounds and other boat ramps with gates are closed. Boat ramps without gates remain OPEN. Bank fishing remains OPEN.

People entering closed areas will be required to leave. There is no parking in closed areas even if fishing outside the closed area. Officials urge visitors to follow state and local government guidelines concerning the size of groups and in maintaining social distancing when bank and boat fishing.

All restrooms that can be locked have been and all picnic shelters are closed regardless of the park status.  This is to limit exposure opportunities for the public, Corps staff, and the cleaning contractors. If coming to an open Corps-operated area, visitors must pack trash out and realize that sanitary facilities are not available at most locations.

Some facilities at Thurmond and Hartwell Lakes are operated by state, local and private organizations. All campgrounds and other parks at Russell Lake are operated by local and state governments. Each county, state and private operator has a different set of operating rules; please check with them directly before visiting one of their facilities.


You can still fish at Thurmond, Russell and Hartwell Lakes. Campgrounds and day-use areas are closed. Boat ramps with gates are closed. Boat ramps without gates and bank fishing in open areas are OPEN. Check local and state government guidelines concerning groups, travel and social distancing. #COVID19