Serving Our Early Learners through Partnership

Serving Our Early Learners through Partnership

Renee Williams, Parenting and Family Literacy Coordinator of ECSD and Edgefield County First Steps Board member 

Photo courtesy Candi Lalonde, 1stSteps Coordinator

“It takes a village to raise a child.” African Proverb

  The Edgefield County School District Parenting and Family Literacy Program along with Edgefield County First Steps have collaborated to serve our 4-5 K student population of Edgefield County Schools and community. This task would not have happened without the help of the elementary school principals and staff of: W.E. Parker, Douglas Elementary, Merriwether Elementary, Johnston Elementary and the ECSD Transportation Department. Special thanks to the Power School coordinator and attendance officer of ECSD for their contribution towards accomplishing this mission to serve our early learners. 

The children will receive an educational supply bag from their school. The educational supply bag will include: a coloring book, crayons, pencils, play dough and 2 books. The distribution process began May 4, 2020. Parents will receive a robo-call from their school stating when they should expect to receive or pick up their child’s educational supply bag. 

Educational supply bags were also distributed to Bettis Preparatory Leadership Academy.

            The mission of Edgefield County School District Parenting and Family Literacy Program is to equip families with academic, parenting and readiness skills needed to ensure that both parent and child are prepared for success in school and their future careers, The mission of Edgefield County First Steps is empower Edgefield County families and caregivers to prepare children for school success by delivering, enhancing, and expanding high-quality early childhood services. Completing this project has allowed both program missions’ to be fulfilled. 

For additional information regarding programs at Edgefield County Schools please call 803-275-4601 or 803-275-4158. For additional information regarding Edgefield County First Steps please call Mrs. Candi Lalonde at 803-275-0800.