“Republican Nomination for Sheriff”

All writers in Op Ed are here to inform and acknowledge issues of importance to our communities, however these writings represent the views  and opinions of the authors and not necessarily of The Advertiser. 

The people of Edgefield County have a choice to make in the upcoming primary. The nomination of a candidate who promotes equality among all races or an individual who embraces bigotry, intolerance, and racial discrimination. A candidate that denounces “Racial Profiling,” and refuses to ascribe judgments, activities, or stereotyping against minorities or an individual who embraces such tactics. Edgefield County needs a person with a proven record of service, a history that demonstrates both a love for its citizens and respect for the laws of South Carolina. Many municipalities change leadership, but the citizens of Edgefield know, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Brenda Carpenter is a candidate for Edgefield County Sheriff. Mrs. Carpenter is a lifelong resident of the Trenton area and has been a civil servant to the citizens of Edgefield County for over 22 years. Her tenure as a Chief Magistrate Court Judge is a testament to her devotion to the laws of South Carolina and equal justice regardless of race. Her vast knowledge of the justice system and the Sheriff’s Office is what the people of Edgefield deserve in a Sheriff. Carpenter, throughout her career, exhibited the highest level of professionalism in law enforcement. As a public servant, she strived to prevent both crime and the fear of crime throughout the community. Her character and qualifications are beyond question, but will her gender prevent her election?  

Chris Wash is a candidate for Edgefield County Sheriff. Mr. Wash is often seen smiling, nodding his head, or offering his hand as a gesture of friendship. Wash began his career in the Sheriff’s Office in 1994 and has been a dedicated public servant. His promotion to second in command to Sheriff Adell Dobey is a testament to his ability to lead. His service to the citizens of Edgefield ensures his consideration for nomination. 

Roosevelt Young is a candidate for Edgefield County Sheriff. Mr. Young served his state in the South Carolina National Guard and Edgefield as a police officer. Young understands that ethnicity must not be the determining factor in guilt or innocence.  He recognizes the citizens of Edgefield must bravely walk into the future while never forgetting the pains of the past. Civil rights and equal justice must go hand in hand regardless of race.  

Michael Raffield is a candidate for Edgefield County Sheriff. Mr. Raffield has worked as a firefighter, paramedic, Federal Air Marshal, and six years at the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office. But does his broad experience and diverse work history qualify him to serve the citizens of Edgefield County as their next Sheriff?

Jody Roland is a candidate for Edgefield County Sheriff. Mr. Roland grew up in Edgefield and has worked in law enforcement in both Edgefield and Aiken Counties. Roland’s tenure as chief deputy and interim Sheriff of Aiken County creates doubt regarding his competence as a leader. Michael Hunt, a Lieutenant with the Aiken Department of Public Safety, overwhelmingly defeated Roland in a special election held after the departure of Sheriff Seller. His rejection by the people of Aiken County and loss to a subordinate officer in the police force cannot go ignored by the citizens who seek to nominate a person committed to equal justice regardless of race.

Brenda Carpenter’s long history of public service is a testament to her commitment to law enforcement and her devotion and love for the people of Edgefield County. Chris Wash has served the people of Edgefield as a police officer and friend. Roosevelt Young recognizes the significance of Lady Justice and the blindfold she wears. Michael Raffield has a broad work experience and a diverse work history. Jody Roland’s assertions of instability in the Sheriff’s Office and call for dedicated officers are an insult to those who put their lives on the line to protect and serve. The citizens of Edgefield have suffered and continue to endure the Coronavirus pandemic. They have seen the ruthless murder of George Floyd, a black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A police badge used to hide an immoral man’s racism. It has never been more necessary to nominate the right person, an individual who has proven his or her commitment through dedication and service to the citizens of Edgefield. 

Mike J. Carroll