Prepare to Vote in Town Elections: Johnston and Edgefield

Prepare to Vote in Town Elections: Johnston and Edgefield

Towns of Johnston and Edgefield had to reschedule their municipal elections due to Coronavirus and that date is coming up on July 14, 2020.

Johnston’s election is for councilmen in Ward 1, Ward 3 and Ward 5.  Ward 1 seat was held by George Attaway who is retiring; Calvin Felder, Sr., announced for this seat in the spring and is unopposed; Ward 3 seat is held now by Thomas Holmes and he has opposition with Willie Bethay as his opponent. Willie is new to the political scene as is Felder. Ward 5 seat has been held by Frank Nicholson for many years; he has opposition from a newcomer to politics, Marie (Hattie) Williams.

The voting will be held at Johnston 1 and Johnston 2 precincts.  Johnston 1 site is the American Legion Building on Edisto St. Johnston 2 site is the Johnston Elementary School gymnasium.  The hours for voting are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

In Edgefield there are three Wards up for elections: Ward 2, formerly the Ward for a longtime Councilman Rev. Jasper Lloyd, has a new name on the ballot this year as Lloyd is retiring. Kelvin B. Thomas is running for that seat.

Ward 4 has only one candidate, unopposed, the incumbent Herbert Yarborough. Ward 6 candidate is also the incumbent, Otis Yeldell, with no opposition.

To vote in Edgefield on July14, residents go to their assigned precinct, either Edgefield One or Edgefield Two. Edgefield One is located at the Edgefield Gym on Church Street. (This is the Edgefield One location for municipal elections; for county elections Edgefield One would be W. E. Parker.)

Edgefield Two is the second precinct open for elections and this is the American Legion Hut on Penn Street. (Edgefield Two is at the Hut in county elections also.) The hours for the voting are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.