Willowbrooks’ Rural Victorian Garden

Willowbrooks’ Rural Victorian Garden

Tonya Guy has given EA permission to glean from her article in the May/June 202 edition of the Quillto give Advertiser readers a window into the plans for this Rural Victorian Garden planned for Willowbrook Cemetery.

Willowbrook, called by the author a “rare and precious jewel,” is soon to be another showplace for history buffs to enjoy while touring.  Working together to make this happen are the Edgefield Cemetery Assoc., the Edgefield Preservation Assoc., The Town of Edgefield, Old Edgefield Genealogical Society, and some other groups to start an extensive project to breathe new life into this place. The goal is to “reinvigorate Willowbrook by transfiguring it into a “Victorian rural garden cemetery, such as Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. . . Mount Aubum Cemetery in Boston . . . a place where the deceased were memorialized by being surrounded by lovely trees and flowers.” These cemeteries were designed to look like small silent cities where individuals could leisurely stroll and have picnics among both tombstones and flowers.

A Camellia garden has been started by EPA under the direction of EPA members and Master Gardeners Sara Sealy and Karyn Sealy Bland. All camellias are heirloom to Edgefield gardens. Twelve have been planted on “hearse Loop” near the Thurmond plot, and they are available for “adoption” (at a price) as a commemorative tree.

There will be more information on the adoption process coming.

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The entrance to the “Hearse Loop” where twelve camellias have been planted.  The Thurmond burial plot is shown in the distance under the flag pole, a popular draw to Willowbrook Cemetery.