Karen Miller Announces for County Council

Karen Miller Announces for County Council

Karen Miller is announcing for District 2 seat in the Edgefield County Council.  She is new to the political scene but not new to this county.  She married David Miller of the Harry Miller family on the Westside in 2001 and spent many years helping him with his cattle business.  And they have a son.

Karen was born in Connecticut and lived her early life there.  After visiting a friend in Augusta, she decided that was an area she wanted to move to. As it would happen, she met her husband David at the Augusta National Boat Drag in 1999, and she crossed the river to make her home with him in 2001.

No longer is she helping with the cattle business; she now works in Evans as Director of Operations for Chick-Fil-A, for four years now. She describes her work in this way, as “training, scheduling, planning, problem solving and budgeting.  I lead a staff of over 110 employees, all from various backgrounds.”

And her interest in moving into the public arena is based on her passion for listening and helping people. 

I like being involved and hearing what people want so that I may help put forth some change.

In an interview this weekend at the Advertiser, she told of having the opportunity to speak  before the Colliers Community group at one of their supper meetings (this is the oldest still functioning community group in the county). She became more interested in that building as they told her its history – having been a school for the community at one time. 

Miller loves hearing these stories from folks in the community who actually lived some of the history (such as going to school at Colliers) and wants to perpetuate those stories for young people to carry forward.

David and Karen attend one of the historic churches of the area: Republican Baptist. She is active there, having grown up in a different denomination, but now finding fellowship among the Baptists.

Karen Miller wanted to tell of her husband’s business – a self-employed cattleman, who has been a resident of Colliers his entire life. “We bought our first cattle the year we were married and volunteered for several years with the Belbvieh Association, assisting his younger cousins in showing cattle at various county fairs and the Junior Beef Roundup in Clemson, S.C. We are country people and live a farming lifestyle.  Our son is fully involved with the farm as well, cutting and baling hay and working cattle with his father

Miller is pleased with her son’s growing fondness for cattle raising, and she says his work is worth wages. Son J. D. Miller (age 14) is a member of the STHS shooting team, and has competed in events.  Karen says he is able to buy his own equipment for these shoots in working for his dad. And she was able to relinquish her farm work and go to work in Evans knowing husband David had great help from J. D.

About her campaign: “I believe that being the County Council representative for District 2 requires someone with business knowledge and management skills, both of which I possess,” says Miller. “I hope to use these skills to support the citizens of District 2 by pushing to limit zoning, particularly in rural areas.  I have serious concerns about the lack of Internet access throughout the county. I hope to work to improves access for not only school-aged children but businesses as well.  I am not against development but would like to see controlled growth, growth approved and desired by the citizens of Edgefield County.” 

As Karen Miller asks for citizens’ votes on July 28, she notes that she can be reached at kamiller306@gmail.com or cell phone at 706-631-8800.