Merriwether Residents’ Concerns

Merriwether Residents’ Concerns

Wreck last week at Mealing and Currytown Rd.

For Subdivision Development

Residents in the Merriwether area are opposing a proposed subdivison at Mealing and Currytown Roads. Development company Blue Sky Properties and Investments, LLC based in Aiken County, North Augusta, has submitted a conceptual site plan for 84 lot Annison Pointe Subdivision on a 50 acre tract of land. 

The original Conceptual Plan was denied by DOT due to the driveways and where they were entering the existing highways. The intersection at Mealing and Currytown Road already has had many accidents, one as recent as within the last week.  Those living in the area say that more traffic comes with more accidents and they are worried about school traffic as this is a main thoroughfare for Merriwether Elementary, Merriwether Middle, and Fox Creek.  

William Moody and adjacent property owner is concerned about the environmental impact 84 houses will bring. He and 2 other neighbors have ponds that are spring fed, flow into Fox Creek and eventually into the Savannah River. “How will 84 septic systems impact us?”, questions Moody.  “Where will the storm water go?”  Has anyone done an environmental study?

Edgefield County Planning Director Hart Clark answered Moody’s questions by saying the developer must submit civil engineering plans to SCDHEC for storm water approval and lots must individually have a perk test done.  Residents feel that all the planning in the world can not prevent environmental hazards.

The 50-acre tract of land is the Latham property where Curryton Academy once stood.  There is also historical value to this location and trees that locals do no want to see disturbed.

Residents have reached out to county council representatives who still continue to approve dense development against constituents wishes.  Council’s reply is that they can not stop growth.  Residents understand that growth can not be stopped, but insist it should be controlled and we are seeing too many densely populated developments. “What impact is this having on our roadways, schools, water, our peaceful way of life, and our environment?” asks Patricia Lee who lives across from the proposed development.  “Our council needs to be held accountable to the wishes of the community.  A high-density subdivision will not be in keeping with the aesthetic value in our community.  I have been witnessing accidents here for 40 years.”

Residents are also concerned that language was changed in the plan to allow high density on the 3rdreading and immediately approved without additional input from citizens. 

Locals contend that developers from out of Edgefield County are coming into the Merriwether area, developing densely populated subdivisions and ruining our community for profit. There are options.  No one is trying to stop property owners from selling. In fact, there is another buyer waiting to purchase the Latham property for the exact same selling price where they want to place a single home.