Letter to the Editor: Running for Dist.2 County Council

Letter to the Editor: Running for Dist.2 County Council

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            My name is Tiffani Ireland, and I am running for the District 2 County Council seat. I am a native of Edgefield County, was raised on the Westside, and graduated from Strom Thurmond High School in 1993.  My husband Philip and I, to whom I have been married for 26 years this October, chose the Westside as the place we wanted to raise our family.  We have three amazing children; a teenager and two young adults. I was raised in Red Oak Grove Baptist Church, and our family now attends Antioch Baptist where I serve as Youth Coordinator, as a Children’s Sermon provider, and as a Nominating Committee member. Philip has served Edgefield County for over 25 years with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office where he is an investigator.  Together, we have served the county for over two decades through our involvement in soccer programs throughout Edgefield County.  Serving through soccer even before we had children, we have currently serve as co-Presidents on the Edgefield County Youth Soccer Association Board.  I am a former business owner having owned 2 successful businesses.  One, a clothing store, I ran in North Augusta for several years.  After selling it, I started a jewelry business.  This I operated for many years until selling it to concentrate on my young, expanding family.  However, it was not long before the opportunity to practice my chosen career, journalism, opened up for me, and I began working for The Edgefield Advertiser.  Thus, for over a decade, I have simultaneously worn the hats of wife, homeschooling mom, and career woman; roles I love and am blessed to fill.

            During the 10 years I have worked for The Edgefield Advertiser, I have covered Edgefield County Council, as well as Trenton Council and other governmental issues.  Through those years, I have gained much insight into how Council works, into the concerns of citizens, and into the issues the county has faced.  I have worked with numerous different Council members and County Staff as many of the positions have changed several times throughout the years.  I am quite familiar with the current Council members and with the current issues facing the County such as the growth currently being seen in the county and its relation to the coming Land Management Ordinance. In that respect, I am not anti-growth. However, I am first and foremost for growth that represents the desires of the community as well as for smart, well-planned, controlled growth.  I am also for reliable, affordable internet service throughout the county.  In our current pandemic situation especially, internet access is much more a necessity than a luxury as school children may once again face having to school via virtual learning.  These children should not have to find a way to get to internet-supplying buses strategically placed throughout the county; they should be able to get internet service in their homes.  I am keenly aware that there are many issues with which citizens are concerned and welcome hearing those.  Council is, after all, a servant of the people – its members work for the citizens of Edgefield County; not the other way around.

            I have the knowledge it will be take to be ready to work from day one.  I am committed to being truthful and to bringing honor and integrity to the office.  I ask for your vote on July 28 and look forward to working for the citizens of District 2.  

Tiffani Ireland