Letter to the Editor

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Message to County Council

 Just read about this LMO thing and the comments by Mr. Paradise to justify it. If Mr. Paradise wants ‘more roofs’ in this county, he should move here, where he can enjoy the isolation from the 21st century that most of the county endures. Maybe he and all of County Council that is connected to the internet should make their home phone numbers available for those of us who are still basking in the glow of 20th century technology, having electricity and land line phone service. When we need or just want to surf the internet, we can call one of those more fortunates with connection to google something for us.
 Paved roads have been around, built by the Romans, for two thousand years.  Electricity came to rural America, thanks to the REA, almost ninety years ago, and shortly afterward, telephone service followed. By 1950, seventy years ago, telephones were pretty common. In the 1970’s, fifty years ago, cable TV made its appearance, and by the middle 1980’s, cell phone service had come into use in populated areas.  Note that those things were available in populated areas. In the 1990’s, internet, e-mail, and all this latest technology have become almost essential in populated areas. Unless you have internet, you can’t even look up a telephone number. Where is the incentive to live in rural Edgefield County.
 Why would anyone move here, Mr. Paradise? You haven’t.

Charles Eubank
Rural Edgefield County