Letter to the Editor

All writers in Op Ed are here to inform and acknowledge issues of importance to our communities, however these writings represent the views  and opinions of the authors and not necessarily of The Advertiser. 

Rooftops, Rooftops, Rooftops:

These words must be written into the County Administrator’s contract. After attending Thursday nights Planning Commission Meeting, it is obvious who the Administrator, Planning Director and County Planner are working for. It definitely is NOT for the citizens of this county. It IS for the developers, that have come into this County, trying to take away the beauty and the tranquility that we have come to love.  County Council Chairman, Scott Cooper, gave them their marching orders, when he changed the Comprehensive Plan on 3rdreading, taking out the densities on the zoning map and removing the minimum lot size on the most utilized category, making small lots possible. This is Not what the citizens of Edgefield County want.  During the work session, it was obvious to the developers of the newly planned subdivision, Annison Point, that things were not going their way. So, between the work session and the regular meeting, they were huddled over in the corner with the Administrator and the Planning Director for the county. I told a few people standing around me, “look over there, they are working on some kind of plan that will save the developers.” So sure enough, the developers withdrew their proposal and left. My understanding is, by them withdrawing their proposal, instead of allowing it to come to a vote, they now can re-present a new proposal the very next day. Yes, that’s right folks, good old politics at its finest. I would like to take this time to Thank the four commissioners, that asked the fair and direct questions to the developers and formed an opinion, that represented the feelings of the majority of the people in attendance, at the meeting. These four gentlemen are: Mr. Oliver, Mr. McNeill, Mr. Burt and Mr. Gabriel. I honestly believe these four gentlemen are looking out for the welfare and desires of the people and are trying to see that these wishes hold true. That doesn’t mean they are against development, they are for the RIGHT kind of development. The kind of development, that fits the area around it. I just wish we could transform these four gentlemen onto County Council, then you would see the kind of things happen, that need to happen in this County. By saying this, it is still up to the citizens of this County, to let your wishes be known to these gentleman as well as your County Council representative. We were able to slow this one down this time, but I am sure they will be back with basically the same type of proposal and we will have to go through this all over again. Yes people, it may be a little inconvenient to drive up there for a couple hours and voice your opinion. Look at the alternative if you don’t. A house or subdivision built next to your property, that LOWERS your property value, but NOT your tax value. Is this what you want?  Think about it, you will be glad you did.


Jerry Moody