Rev. George L. Brightharp

50 Years of Preaching the Gospel

Mount Canaan Baptist Church presented a trophy to its pastor, Rev. George L. Brightharp,on the third Sunday, October 18, 2020.  The trophy is in recognition of Rev. Brightharp’s 50thyear as a Gospel Minister.  Not only was this his 50th year, but for the first time, the anniversary fell on the same Sunday and date as in 1970 when he preached his initial sermon.  The initial sermon was preached at Shaws Creek Baptist Church (where he was, and still is, a member) on the third Sunday in October (October 18, 1970). Dur to this alignment of dates and days, he preached the same sermon at Mount Canaan Baptist Church on the third Sunday morning, October 18, 2020 (50 years later).  The trophy represents 50 years on the Battlefield, emphatically preaching the gospel in words and in deeds.