By Blaney Pridgen

All writers in Op Ed are here to inform and acknowledge issues of importance to our communities, however these writings represent the views  and opinions of the authors and not necessarily of The Advertiser.

Here’s a new word for us: crankipated.  It is a very serious, joy-robbing condition which anyone can contract.  Yes, it is similar to that word it sounds like, only it is more an intellectual and spiritual condition than physical.  Extreme liberals and conservatives tend to develop the worst cases, but even moderates can get it.  Because crankipation is so soul killing, we need to see if we have any of the following conditions impacting us.  Be honest…

l.  Are you bullheaded and uncritical about any attachment you may have to unfounded theories, romantic notions, or matters of faith you may hold dear?

2.  Do you have a creeping suspicion that most people are happier than you and are getting away with bad stuff?

3.  Do you angrily refuse to receive medical or psychological (even psychiatric!) help for a condition you either deny or complain about daily?

4.  Do you have road rage every time you drive more than 15 miles?

5.  Do you dislike people who are not like you in any way?

6.  Do you cling to a long list of persons and things you could not live without?

7.  Are you willing to say, “I don’t know” and really mean it?

8.  Do you talk to the television with people in the room?  With nobody in the room with you?  Even when it is not turned on?

9.  Do you daily curse three or more modern inventions?

10.  Do you have an inability to celebrate very little other than the humiliation or foolishness of your enemies and how many of these enemies do you have?

11.  Do you have a nagging need to tell others what they should or need to do, while resisting the same directed toward you?

12.  Do you have a secret desire to get out of here and go to a heaven you deserve or just to rest in a well-earned peace?


4 of the above:  pay attention, you may be getting crankipated

6 of the above:  Hello crankipated

10 of the above:  Come on now! Nobody likes life with a seriously impacted person.

Now here are six suggestions for the relief of crankipation:

  1.  Let go, loosen up, and let it be.  In other words, practice surrender and acceptance.  
  2. Don’t hoard memories, especially bad ones.
  3. Detach from things, beliefs, and people who rob your joy.  Detach but do so with a heart.
  4. As much as possible live in the present, i.e. do what you need and can do today.  Leave living in the past or in the future to your crankipated fellows and pray for them.
  5. Realize your “dislikes” are probably hatreds in clever disguise.  Don’t be in denial about this.  Do you really want to live like this?
  6. Be open to new vision of life and your personal circumstances.  It may never come but yearn for it today.
  7. Get help.

I believe that surges in crankipation are a great and present danger to the Republic.  More than China and Russia.  We each need to do something about it.  I certainly do.