Edgefield County Reports Totals, 2020 Election

Edgefield County Reports Totals, 2020 Election

These totals were obtained from aElection Commissioner byan  Advertiser staff member last evening as “Unofficial Results,” noted as the Advertiser publishes them today, November 4, 2020. VotebyPrecincts will be published when all votes have been clearly delineated.

Edgefield County Sheriff Numbers show Jody Rowland (R) as winner with 7,671 total votes; Roosevelt Young (D) received 5,625, making Rowland the new Sheriff of Edgefield County.

Clerk of Court, Sonny Reel (R), had no opposition and totaled 9,850 votes against 147 write-ins.

County Council Districts show no change in membership except for Tiffani Ireland who was voted winner  in a special election late summer when Arthur Biggs retired from the Council. Albert Talbert (D), Dist. 1, 1,963 with 64 write-ins; TIffani Ireland (R), Dist. 2, 2,384 with 28 write-ins; Dean Campbell (R)Dist. 3, 1,743 with 28 write-ins; Jacqueline Glover Kennion (D), Dist. 4, 1,833 with 73 write-ins; Scott Cooper (R), Dist. 5, 2,737 with 70 write-ins.

William G. Smith is Soil and Water District Commissioner, with 7,947 votes and 134 write-ins. Beaverdam Creek Watershed Conservation District members: Wayne Mills with 237 and Alan Perano with 178. 

The school board members had no opposition and remain, as write-ins were minimal.

State Senate District 2 REP Shane Massey 8, 653; DEM Shirley Faison 4, 637, Massey the clear winner. DEM Clyburn (no opposition) 5,808; REP Bill Hixon 3775, winning over DEM Evelyn Robinson with 937 votes.

The Capital Project Sales Tax Referendum: YES, 7.070; NO, 5,632.

In the National races: U.S. House saw Republican Jeff Duncan winning with 8,427 votes over Democrat Hosea Cleveland with 4,859 votes. U.S. Senate: Bill Bledsoe Constitution Party with 217 votes; Republican Lindsey Graham with 7,987 votes (winner in County) and Democrat Jaime Harrison with 5,104 votes.

Totals in the U.S. President race are: GRN Howie Hawkins, 39; REP Donald J. Trump, 8,183; ALN, Rocky De La Fuente, 8; LIB Jo Jorgensen, 120; DEM Joseph Bidon, 4,953 with President Trump showing as winning in Edgefield County.