Letter to the Editor

Northside in an Uproar

All writers in Op Ed are here to inform and acknowledge issues of importance to our communities, however these writings represent the views  and opinions of the authors and not necessarily of The Advertiser. 

 As a resident of Ouzts Road, I find the fact that a 1000- acre-plus solar farm is in the works for this community. This immediate area has attracted property owners because of its natural beauty, the game haven, and the lack of prolific traffic. 

         I can personally name seven property owners who moved here to basically retire from distant places. The very reason for locating here is in jeopardy. The community has jointly met several times with upwards of 60 homesteads being represented. We are in an uproar! 

         The whole environment will be conflicted because of the dangers of solar panels.  Cadmium, lead, and many other hazardous chemicals are in the makeup of these panels which will leach into our water supplies. Well water will undoubtedly be affected. The rare game will be uprooted. We have the federally protected Carolina Heelsplitter, the more than rare Carolina Panther (captured on many of our game cameras), and an eagle all hang out in these woods and waters of Turkey and Rocky Creek which will both have runoff from this massive project. This is a hunter’s paradise and history has already proven that hunters shoot at the panels. Lightning storms pass through and on many occasions have hit all of our properties causing major damage. Solar panels are a draw for lightning and fires on these solar farms. I can name many tornadoes that have passed over Ouzts Road causing major damage to homes and trees. Tornadoes uproot the panels. 

       This is an agricultural area, not an industrial area. There is no doubt that these panels are NOT agricultural in nature. Those things being said, also beware – there is nowhere nearby where they can be recycled. Please do not approve his Caddis and Cedar Creek Renewables project. Many more reasons can be given to deny this project. It would be wise to thoroughly investigate the project before it is approved. Once planted it is a done deal. We do NOT WANT it here.

Carol H Bryan