Linda Nidiffer

All writers in Op Ed are here to inform and acknowledge issues of importance to our communities, however these writings represent the views  and opinions of the authors and not necessarily of The Advertiser. 

Raise your hand if your ears are bleeding.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Raise your hand if your ears are bleeding.  My ears are bleeding because I am being bombarded my noise constantly all day every day and I am not even complaining about the tinnitus that I have in both ears. Every time I turn on the television or radio a commercial is playing.  How does that happen?  Is it a coincidence or is it insidious? The commercials are quickly followed by the political lies. Invidious noise that I invited into my personal space, but did I invite it, or did it just sneak in? 

Right now I don’t care how the howling and screeching got into my space I just want it gone. Aren’t you sick and tired of people telling you how to think and what to think? The Hunter Biden mess is a good example of noise.  The “media” blathered on and on telling us all kinds of goofy things about what he did and how involved Joe was.  Okay Joe is a politician.  If he is a politician and his lips are moving, as a responsible person you should discount pretty much everything he says—just by definition.  Really it is sort of like watching a movie.  Everybody is reading a script and nothing is real. It is all noise. So the media is reporting noise as Truth. Then the media is analyzing noise and telling us their opinion about the noise and how we should think about the noise. Then they have panels discussing the noise. And what do we have? Cacophony!

Give me some ear plugs. Give me the emails and other relevant material. Give me the facts. Give me the facts before you start talking about it so that I check the facts, analyze the facts and form my own opinion thank you very much. 

Here’s the noise about Judge Amy Coney Barret: she was nominated by President Trump. No one can question her erudition; they can throw a hissy fit over some of her decisions but the woman knows her law and the constitution. She lives a principled life which probably scares the noisy politicians who discarded their principles as soon as they drank the Kool-Aid that flows from the faucets in D.C. Judge Amy listened attentively to noise for hours. She had no notes. She made notes to keep track of the question because the question was surrounded by so much blather it was like trying to keep track of a Jane Austen paragraph. The real problem I have with Judge Amy is that she is a Fighting Irishman from Notre Dame and that totally disqualifies her. You have to be a Boilermaker to understand why that is so, but there is no noise about it. That was my emotional side coming out; my rational side says I hope they confirm her without any noise.