The Beauty of Formosa Azaleas

The Beauty of Formosa Azaleas

In Ebenezer Church Cemetery

Many calls came to the Advertiser this last week, speaking of the azaleas which were approaching their peak in the Town of Trenton.  Almost immediately, without asking, it was assumed that the Ebenezer Cemetery was where the azaleas are growing and blooming. 

Those azaleas are the Formosa variety, which come in colors of pink and purple and reds, and some with darker centers.  The Cemetery in Trenton is a real show-place for this variety, and is visited in the spring by many interested in their beauty.

Not only are there azaleas to see, but the magnolias and variety of cedars provide a backdrop, along with the sculpted and pedestal tombstones of grey marble and granite. These one sees while driving the sandy lanes crisscrossing the cemetery. And not to forget the “lace” of the wrought iron fences around family plots, well-kept for a small-town cemetery.

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