Town of Johnston, SC and Johnston Development Corporation

Town of Johnston, SC and Johnston Development Corporation

For Immediate Release

Contact:​Johnston Mayor Terrence Culbreath, (803) 275-2488

​JDC Project Chairman Dean Campbell, (803) 275-3635

Johnston Seeks Citizen Input on Enhancing Economic Vitality

Citizens of Johnston are being asked to participate in an August 28 Town Hall meeting to give their input as part of a strategic plan aimed at enhancing the economic development of the historic town.

The Strategic Plan, sponsored by the Town of Johnston and the non-profit Johnston Development Corp., is beingresearched and developed by two University of South Carolina Aiken professors who are experts in the field, Dr. Sanela Porca and Dr. Julie Steen. They have done many studies that have proven to be beneficial in the government and non-profit sectors.

The Plan will identify socioeconomic characteristics and business advances that will benefit the town’s future economic growth and development. It will also include a current economic analysis, competitive and internal analysis, a SWOT matrix (identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), goals, and strategies. Finally, strategy implementation and policy recommendations will be provided.

As part of this process, Drs. Porca and Steen will hold a Town Hall meeting on Saturday, August 28, 1-3 p.m., at the Johnston Elementary School Gym. All citizens interested in the Town’s future are urged to attend. The researchers are interested in knowing information from citizens that includes:• What are the most positive things about Johnston? What do you like most about living in Johnston? • Are there businesses or services that you need that are not located in Johnston?• What are the most important issues that need to be addressed in Johnston? • How would you increase the economic vitality of Johnston?

The study, which will include an in-depth look at many statistical factors, also relies on input from government officials, community leaders, citizens, and other stakeholders.

For those who cannot attend but would like to provide input, they can send it to The deadline is September 15.

This study is expected to be completed in April of next year.

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