My Aching Gizzard

By Linda Nidiffer

All writers in Op Ed are here to inform and acknowledge issues of importance to our communities, however these writings represent the views and opinions of the authors and not necessarily of The Advertiser.

My gizzard aches this week.  This is similar to having something having stuck in your craw only an aching gizzard is more painful and may last longer.  I also have a drumstick in both hands. Look closely and you do too.  Look at your thumbs including the fleshy part and wiggle it around—ta dah!  You have discovered your drumsticks and will never be hungry again.  I live a very metaphorical life.  Chickens have gizzards and since I am part chicken; the rest of the logic should be clear.

I was checking on Terrence K. Williams on Facebook the other evening and I missed the first of what he said because I didn’t have the volume on.  Terrence is a black conservative comedian who speaks my language usually.  He was raised in foster care but clearly tells everyone that is no excuse for foolishness of any kind.  Anyway he was talking about giving illegal aliens $450,000.  He was pretty exercised about it and since I missed the first part of his post I thought he was just kidding around. 

Imagine my surprise when I hear “serious” people talking about cabinet members considering giving to illegal aliens $450,000 per person for those who were part of families separated at the border. This is when my gizzard started to flare up.  Why in the name of all that is legal would the United States condone and reward illegal behavior and activity? I thought this was a country based on laws?

Then I look at Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, and Minneapolisand realize that we are no longer a country based on law.  Maybe it is time to take a little stand of our own.  One of the Transcendentalist American writers was very much against the war.  When it came time to pay taxes, he sent them the amount with the proviso that none of the money could be used to promote the war in any way.

Perhaps it is time for a little civil disobedience of our own. Pay your taxes and on the memo line describe what the money can or cannot be used for. I don’t think my line will be long enough so I think I will be writing a full memorandum and requesting a full disclosure of disbursements.  I will gladly help fund our military, roads, bridges, and food for children.  I will not be happy to follow like a lemming into any new green deal until the younger generation quits using disposable diapers. I am not in favor of funding anything for people who came here illegally. Until the proud roosters quit strutting around Washington and flapping their wings and accomplishing nothing I am not inclined to pay their wages or put money into their retirement or their health care which is not chicken feed.

I guess my gizzard is going to continue to ache as long as our chicken headed politicians continue to consider ill-advised ways to spend our hard earned money.