Tour of Churches Set for December 12

Tour of Churches Set for December 12

Leaving the Methodist Church are members of the 2015 Nativity Scene, all departing for the final site, Magnolia Dale reception for the public.

Four Edgefield Churches will be hosting the community for a special pre-Christmas celebration, the Tour of Churches, which will tell the story of Christmas though tableaus and scripture reading, moving from church to church, and finally to end with a reception at Magnolia Dale, all under the sponsorship of the Edgefield County Historical Society. The event starts at 3:00 p.m.

The walking tour will begin at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Buncombe St. near the Square, where the Story of Christmas begins. Those in the Nativity Scene will join the tourists to walkto First Baptist (end of Church Street) where the story continues with new additions to the Christmas Nativity tableau. The third church is Trinity Episcopal, then Edgefield United Methodist.

The congregations may walk or they may take a bus provided for those who so choose.

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