Did You See This Coming?

Linda Nidiffer

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It is early Sunday morning. I am facing a blank computer screen and watching the sunrise.  The sky is the pearly grey of the real dawn and not the false dawn.  It will be fully light soon. I am longing for a good cup of caffeine but my doctor and my body both say no.  How I miss coffee, especially after 3 hours of sleep!  I wish we could predict the actions of mankind as easily as we can follow the patterns of nature.  We are on the cusp of full blown “yellow season.”  Stock up on facial tissues.  Pray for wind and rain about every 3-4 days to clean the air.

Who could have predicted that Ukraine would remain uncrushed today?   I am not referring to the physical buildings or other manmade edifices because all you have to do is watch the news and see the devastation of the apartments, hospitals, schools and homes.  Putin’s armed forces have been like a swarm of locusts that just munch their way across the country.  The spirit of the people, however, has been reborn. 

Each morning I check the news with bated breath.  Have they surrendered yet?  Has Putin done the unthinkable?  Each morning I am totally stunned to find out that Europe has rallied around this country that until now has had little significance.  Germany is paying is fair share to NATO and rebuilding its armed forces.  Poland has opened its doors to refugees.  Humanitarian aid is coming from everywhere.  Munitions are coming to the brave men and women by means that are undisclosed and needn’t be.  I nearly had a stroke when Switzerland renounced Russia.  Switzerland the land of neutrality is no longer neutral—the world as we know it is surely coming to an end!  Of course, the Swiss want to keep their banks open but they have finally voiced an opinion!

So maybe the sanctions are working. Maybe the threat of kicking butt and taking names is making people aware that actions have consequences.  Can you imagine living in a country where you can do no banking?  Where your credit cards don’t work anymore?  What do you suppose the people of Russia are thinking this week?  Some of them can still listen to BBC news but most of the news is just state sponsored PRAVDA propaganda.  I have a pretty good imagination but what kind of lies do you have to tell to convince a whole country that all is well, but the ruble has lost a massive amount of its value and all of your internationally based credit cards won’t work.  Then you have to convince the businessmen not to worry.  

What do your generals tell you? This little military exercise was supposed to be over in 2 days. They are spending a fortune on men and materiel.  You can conquer a country but occupying a country is another matter altogether.  Who will be willing to rebuild—not Putin that’s certain. C’mon Ukraine you can do this with some help from your friends.  You have already diminished Putin’s reputation around the world.   He is no longer the top dog of Russia; he is a war criminal, not bad for a week’s work.