Wider View

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By Linda Nidiffer

As Tom and I settle into a schedule I have found time and energy to once again concern myself with what is going on in the nation and in the world.  Admittedly I just peaked a few minutes a day and then like the turtle I snapped my head back into my shell.  As a teacher of mine used to mutter, “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” what was I thinking? Then I joined millions of others in Short Attention Span Theater and watched Facebook homesteaders garden and farm which reminded me of my childhood on the farm—very comforting.

In the weeks that my view was narrowed to fighting dragons for Tom the Ukrainians are still fighting the Russians. The Russians are still trying to tell their people that this is a special military operation.  Define special. Is it similar to war?  Bless the governments around the world who have poured money into Ukraine to help them fight.  Bless the charities that have helped the millions who have fled out of harm’s way. Bless the countries who have welcomed the refugees.  Double, triple bless the Ukrainians who continue to fight so stubbornly and courageously for freedom and for their homeland.  Just as an aside, whatever is infecting Putin’s mind may it kill him soon.  I say that not as a curse, but as a prayer. He has suffered enough and so has the world around him.

Someone leaks a draft of an opinion of one of the Supreme Court Justices.  Is there nothing sacred in this country anymore? See that is not even the right question.  What happened to integrity?  You take a vow of silence (non-disclosure) and then surreptitiously break that vow?  Breaking a vow is never a good thing. I realize in extreme cases that breaking a solemn vow might happen, but just ask a doctor, lawyer or priest how they feel about breaking that trust and when it might happen or even if it might happen.  The second part of the leaking of the draft was the sneakiness.  The weasel didn’t take ownership of the act. Knowing that it was a reprehensible act he “leaked” it; he didn’t say, “I’m Jo(e) Blow and this is the draft and I know that I am doing wrong. I should lose my career in law over this and do jail time.”  No, not a shred of integrity, what a weasel.

The abortion issue cannot be solved by the government, nor should it be.  Personally I don’t want the government in my bedroom. Do you? Do you want the government to tell you how many children you are allowed to have?  Do you want the government to tell you that you may only get pregnant between the ages of 20-35?  If you do not obey the government will confiscate all illegal children and raise them in institutions.  I know, I went too far with that one, or did I?  If we believe that our climate is going to kill us and our population needs to be controlled, is that too far of a stretch?

Maybe I should limit my focus back to hearth and home.