Strom Thurmond High School Rebel Football

Strom Thurmond High School Rebel Football

Friday, August 19, 2022, at Lucy C. Laney, 1339 Laney Walker Blvd., Augusta, GA

Listen to Timeless Jukebox Radio.  The Pro Team of Steve Smith, Andy Livingston, and Billy Keesley are back as announcers for the Rebels this year.  Join Tony B for the tailgate show at 6:00 PM; pre-game begins at 6:50 PM.  High School Football Scoreboard show immediately after the game.

Then on Tuesday night, we’re talking Rebel football with Coach Andrew Webb – live from the Edgefield Pool Room, beginning at 7:00 PM. Listen in as Teddy Weeks talks with Coach Webb about the game and highlights of the week ahead. 

How to get Timeless Jukebox Radio:1. Download the free app on your smartphone, iPhone (App store), Android (Google Play) or a computer tablet2. once the app loads, click on the right arrow button and the programming of TJR will be heard.3. if you have Bluetooth in your vehicle or a Bluetooth speaker in your home or office, link your phone to it and you can listen through your vehicle or home sound system4. “Like” our Facebook page or our website, and click on the “listen live” link5. with Alexa – just say “Alexa Open Timeless Jukebox Radio” (you must say the word “open”)6. on Strom Thurmond Football website and Facebook pages – there should be a link to listen live7. As long as you have a signal on your smartphone or have access to the internet – you can listen to Timeless Jukebox Radio anywhere in the world.


It’s game week First official game of the season Battle of the Border GA vs SC Lets pack out the BLVDThe game will start at 7:30pm Tickets can be purchased on gofan