Edgefield County Hospital Celebration

Edgefield County Hospital Celebration

Azaleas in bloom register the welcome that will be felt for friends, former patients, community leaders and dignitaries who will be attending the Sunday, Oct. 23 Celebration of the Edgefield County Hospital, now Edgefield County Healthcare, an affiliate of Self Regional Heathcare, Greenwood. The Public is invited.

This Sunday, October 23

2:00 -4:00 PM

A special afternoon celebration is planned for the Edgefield County Healthcare’s 50thanniversary coming up this Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  A large white tent will be welcoming the public to join in the celebration with dignitaries and refreshments, to be held in the open space/breezeway to the right of the hospital.

The tent will hold a podium for speakers, with Edgefield County Healthcare CEO Melanes to bring welcoming words to those gathered for the event. There will be ice cream and light refreshments and a chance to enjoy the memories over the years as the hospital has grown into an institution of numerous awards. The campus has grown physically since it first opened to patients in 1972, with an abundance of offices contained in a new building, and with the Mental Health Clinic now on site, as well as a pharmacy.

Enjoy your Sunday lunch at home; then come out to the ECH site for dessert with others in appreciation for what the hospital has meant to the communities it serves.

As visitors enjoy the ECHealthcare 50thAnniversary program, they might make note of the azaleas blooming, unusual for the fall.  The Formosa azaleas seen in the photo accompanying this article also hold a message of welcome.  Travis Haltiwanger, now Director of Facilities                                                                                                                                                                                       Management, has helped to oversee the grounds for the nine years he has been there. In a brief interview on Monday he informed us that they are the variety called Encore which bloom in spring (along with most varieties) with a second “performance” in the fall. He also advised us that with the growth of the hospital they now contract out much of the grounds service as they have taken on more responsibitlies.