78th Reunion, the Edgefield High School Class of 1944

78th Reunion, the Edgefield High School Class of 1944

Pictured, left to right: Remaining members of the Class of 1944, Lucille Ouzts Padgett, Ann Bolton Connelly, PeeWeePadgett, Dorothy Ouzts Wofford, and Doris Hair Jovanelly.

The Edgefield High School graduating class of 1944 held their seventy-eighth reunion earlier this month with a lunch meeting at the Triangle Restaurant in Johnston. Accompanied by family and friends, five members of the Class of ’44 were present: From Edgefield, Ann Bolton Connelly and PeeWee Padgett; from Johnston, Lucille Outzs Padgett and Dorothy Outzs Wofford; and from West Columbia, Doris Hair Jovanelly. The five expressed sadness over the loss of Betty Carey, another member of the class who was present at the reunion last year. 

The table was lovely with a flower arrangement in green and yellow. Yellow flowers surrounded by a spray of glossy green leaves from the yard of Dottie Wofford matched the green and yellow napkins at each plate and created an effect both charming and nostalgic–a reminder of the school colors, green and yellow. A beautiful oblong container added the gold of brass to the color scheme.

A highlight of the luncheon was the reading of the reunion poem, composed annually in honor of the occasion. Poet Doris Jovanelly provided copies to all in attendance and read her composition to the gathering. The poem is included below:


  Five members here from 

  Edgefield High Class of ‘44,’

  Happy to enjoy together once more;

  Sadly, another one missing since

  We last met–Betty Carey,

  Her smile we won’t forget,

  And all others no longer here.

  We have many memories so dear.

  When our time today must end,

  May God’s Blessings go with us

  ‘Round the bend.’

The blessing was said, and lunch began. The fare could be described as the Triangle at its best, and the conversation was lively all around the table. Teachers, sports events, and other school particulars were recalled as stories from high school days seventy-eight years ago amused the class members and their guests. Principal R. O. Derrick was remembered with affection, and it was noted that the annual, dedicated to him in 1944, and took its name, The Rod, from his initials. This annual can actually be found online.

 The seventy-eighth reunion of the Class of ’44 was enhanced by perfect weather, and all who attended were in good spirits for this special occasion. The event was a great success, enjoyed by everyone.