Why Did I Lose My Hair After Having COVID-19?

Why Did I Lose My Hair After Having COVID-19?

Dr. Dwella Moton Nelson

By Dr. Dwella Moton Nelson, native of Edgefield and Assistant Professor of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Hair loss is an extremely common experience that is reported by many people who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus.

There are several published scientific articles that explain how COVID-19 affects the body.(1)  We know that COVID-19 is shed through respiratory droplets that enter the eyes, nose and mouth.  Research studies have confirmed that COVID-19 has adverse effects on the respiratory system as well as the nervous and circulatory systems.  Long-term COVID-19 (i.e., long COVID) symptoms have been observed in the brain, heart and lungs. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 2.5% of people who have been infected with COVID-19 have unresolved health issues and symptoms over 3 months after the date of infection. (2) www.CDC.gov

One thing for sure, COVID-19 is not a generic, ‘run of the mill’ type of virus! 

Today, we will discuss how having COVID-19 has been shown to cause hair loss in some people.  Hair growth and follicular health are heavily dependent on good blood circulation and excellent nutrient-transport.

A healthy scalp environment should produce and grow healthy hair.  When blood flow to the scalp is not optimal, nutrient-rich blood does not reach the hair bulb through the capillaries.  Unfortunately, hair growth and scalp health may suffer due to inadequate blood flow and decreased availability of vital hair nutrients.  It may take up to 6 months before the body fully recovers from some viral infections and illnesses.

We found some helpful tips that can be used to restore scalp health and decrease post-COVID hair loss.

1) Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. 
2) Get good sleep. Recommendation for adults: six to eight hours
3) Drink plenty of water daily.
4) Daily Scalp Massage.

How To Do Scalp Massage At Home

Use your finger tips to massage your scalp 1 minute every day.  Try massaging while watching television or a movie.  Massage gently and be patient as your scalp and hair recover!

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