Toward the Christmas Season

Toward the Christmas Season

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By Blandy Pridgen

Though we lie to each other and say otherwise, too often the romance of this season visits us too briefly.  We would like for it to stick around all year long, but we know it will not.  Just behind the drapes in the colorfully lit room filled with laughter, lurks the uninvited visitors, that old ninny woman Fate and her cheerless child Remorse.  So, make the Christmas season last as long as you can, at least for twelve days after the tree has been kicked to the curb, maybe even unto Ash Wednesday, when Fate pushes her child Remorse into the room and revelries finally cease until the spring.  

During the Christmas season, however you figure it, Remorse sneaks into the room for some of us.  Fate pushes him in.  We can, however, give him the old bum’s rush out the door and into the cold.  One way to do this is to resist the profoundly useless questions of life, which Remorse loves for us to ponder.  From my own experience, I suggest five of these questions.  Avoid them like the Covid and Christmas will last longer.1. Why do we suffer?  Serious theologians know there is no answer.  Let it go for as long as you can.  2. Where do we go when we die?  We will know soon enough.  Otherwise, life is about what we do in the meantime.3. When does consciousness begin and what exactly is it?  Just smell the roses, ok?  Or in this case, smell the nutmeg and balsam.  4. Is there some kind of plan, overall or personal, and if so, who or what makes the plans, and do we have choices?  This is Remorse’s favorite question.  A real party pooper.  A second sub-question is like unto it:  Nature or nurture?  Which is dominant?  Do we really want to know?  Forget about it.  Just get on with it.  It’s Christmas.  5. We feel like we need to be saved, but from what?  Is it our own bad choices or the creeping malaise of meaninglessness?  Maybe both?  Save that one for early spring.  For now, it’s holly and jolly time.  

Remember, Remorse raises these questions.  Push him out into the snow with Frosty and Rudolph until he comes around again.  Fate will not be ignored.