Winners in the Gingerbread House Competition

Winners in the Gingerbread House Competition

Such a fun time we had at the Tompkins Library last Saturday afternoon! The Edgefield Civic League sponsored a Gingerbread House Competition and the entrants were most creative and so pretty!

Winner Olivia O’Gorman had put much thought, time, tedious work, imagination and creativity into her entry – as had the other two winners, Lauren Mills and Matisyn Allison (pictured above, Mills top right, Allison, top left). The winners were each awarded a prize, and they and their guests were served hot chocolate and delicious gingerbread men cookies made by Beth Cali.

Members of the Civic League helping with the event were Beth Thornton (president), Metter Watkins (our director), Sharon Wall, Doug Timmerman and Becky Turner. 

Thanks to all who participated -start planning your entrant for next year and encourage your friends to join us! Submitted by Becky Turner

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