Remembering Eclipse Day in Edgefield

Remembering Eclipse Day in Edgefield

This photo was taken at 3:08 in the afternoon, April 8, 2024, on the square in Edgefield, the day of the eclipse. In the reflection below the sun is the 3/4 moon shape, the real look at the eclipse. Advertiser photo

April 8,2024, was the day of the Eclipse, when the moon crossed over the sun to form a total eclipse in parts of the USA, and at least to take 75% of the sun’s rays and warmth in the area of Edgefield. In 2017 crowds experienced a total eclipse on the Square in Edgefield. This year there would be less excitement, but enough to produce a story and at least a photo.

But how to get a photo? The Advertiser staff had searched for the recommended  glasses that would ensure no blindness.  According to “Googling-the-internet,” gas stations in the Aiken and Augusta area had them available for $2 each. Someone was going to Augusta April 8 morning. What luck!! As recent visitors to Edgefield had informed us, and ones who happened to be visiting part of the Advertiser family, “The glasses are not to be found.” A call-back from Augusta that morning confirmed that they were not to be found.

Now what do we do? A trip to the bank that morning, where younger “techies”, work gave the EA staff the answer: “Use your cell phones!”

That we did, without harm to the eyes, and all made photos. The one photo chosen to publish was made by the Advertiser family visitor Shawn Lakely; chosen because he pressed the button just at 3:08 p.m., determined as the time when the moon would cover 75% of the sun’s rays in the Edgefield area. In the photo accompanying this story a small picture of that sun can be seen in the reflection found toward the bottom of the photo, seen as a crescent.

Thanks to the staff at First Citizens Bank Edgefield for their help with this story.

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