The Trenton Bank, A Caretaker of a Community

Online Ed. Note: This is a posting of a Days Gone By column that originally was published in the print edition of  The Edgefield Advertiser in June of 2004. —- The mention of the Trenton Bank – of old, that is – brings an immediate story of how it was one of the few banks […]

A Garden Makes a Home

Introducing to our Web readers to Hattie Watson, one of EA’s columnists: Harriett (Hattie) Watson is a delightful “woman of a certain age.” She now resides in Aiken, S.C., but for many years lived on the family farm in Ridge Spring, S.C.  It was there that she began writing columns for The Aiken Standard about […]

Memories of my Father and Edgefield

Edgefield has always been a “honeyed” word in my home. From the time that images were implanted in my three-year-old awareness, I envisioned a quaint Southern town of charm and family affection. My father John Lake–no middle name–was born in the County, June 11, 1870. As a “preemie,” he was not expected to live “until morning” […]