The Montessori Program At Douglas

– Guest Editorial –  The Edgefield County School Board very likely will decide the fate of the Montessori program at Douglas Elementary School at the next board meeting, on Tuesday May 28th. The Montessori program at Douglas Elementary is the only school choice program in our district for students at the elementary school level. We […]

Students and Faculty of STHS Thank Parents

Dear Editor: April was Parent Volunteer Month at Strom Thurmond High School and the faculty and students would like to thank a special group of parents who put hours of hard work into making this year’s prom a success.  The theme for the prom was “Midnight in Paris” and the parents of the prom committee […]

Concern for Hasty Decision on Montessori

Dear Editor: Parents of students enrolled in the Montessori program at Douglas Elementary School recently were informed that the District was considering termination of the program. Setting aside the fact that this late notification leaves parents short on time to find alternatives or to offer input into the decision, our greatest concern is that this […]

Enjoyed a Visit to Edgefield to Dine

Dear Editor, What a fantastic evening my friend and I had dining at the Olde Edgefield Grille Thursday evening. On the way back from a business trip to Atlanta we met friends for dinner at “The Grille” and it could not have been more pleasant! This has got to be one of South Carolina’s top […]

Hospital, the Best Kept Secret

Dear Editor, The best kept secret in Edgefield County is its hospital, ECH or the Edgefield County Hospital.  Leaving its friendly confines after a stay of almost two weeks I can say without hesitation that it was the best hospital experience of my life and the kind, efficient and friendly care I received was truly […]

Re: Moore Wins State Art Contest

While Karla is to be congratulated for her artistic talent, I was horrified to read the theme of the Project Sentry Logo contest in which she along with 467 children across the state competed.  The theme, according to the article, was “Keeping guns out of the Schools.” Standing with Karla are her parents, grandparents, and […]

Computer Hacking at an All Time High

– By Bill Read of Computer Consultants Group, Inc., ( of Charleston – Computer hacking events are at an all time high. This past week your venerable Edgefield Advertiser discovered that our own web server had been compromised. Our site does not contain any sensitive information, other than our own news articles, so please be […]

Kudos to a Woman’s Club a Half Century Old

EDITORIAL Johnston is a quiet town – except, maybe, on Saturday night.  It has been called a town to raise your children in.  What is significant in the mind of this writer, at this time, is how this quiet town has produced such strength in women.  When a club has lasted half a century, there […]

Edgefield Farmers Market

Dear Editor: The Edgefield Farmers Arts and Crafts Market on the Square began the first Saturday in April.  This will be held every Saturday till further notice, from 8:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.  Plans are to continue this till the first Saturday in September.  The Market is sponsored by the ECDA. All crafters and farmers […]

Edgefield County Council Chairman’s Update

April 5, 2013 Council passes Land Development ordinance County Council passed a land development ordinance this week. As I have mentioned before, it will play an important role as our County develops. The idea of a land development ordinance was birthed by the Edgefield County Strategic Plan. We held numerous meetings as part of the […]

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