Edgefield County Council Chairman’s Update

February 1, 2013 –  Animal Shelter Update Coming At our upcoming February 5 County Council meeting, Administrator Lynn Strom will be giving the Council an update on the proposed Animal Shelter. As you may remember, a year or so ago the County Council agreed that we could save money and provide a better service to […]

The Role of Hunter in the Debate about Firearm Control

Sportsmen were the original conservationists and remain the driving force in conservation today. By purchasing hunting and fishing licenses, paying a voluntarily imposed excise tax on all firearms, ammunition and other sporting equipment (Pittman–Robertson Act and Dingell-Johnson Act), and supporting conservation organizations, sportsmen pay for 80 percent or more of conservation efforts in this country. […]

Positive Examples

Dear Editor: Recently, as I was having lunch at Pine Ridge, I looked across the room to see six ladies enjoying the fellowship of a day out together.  As I thought about them, I realized that collectively they represent over 500 years of life here in Edgefield County.  Whether as a teacher, town leader or provider of summer […]

Time for Councilman Dorn to Lead

On February 27, 2012, Mr. Dorn released a statement through the Edgefield Advertiser that he referred to as his announcement bid for reelection. The announcement stated, “Probably the most disconcerting issue in the county is that Edgefield County Council has turned a “blind eye” to the Northside’s great need for water. My solution to show […]

State of the County

This special edition of the Edgefield County Chairman’s Update is a State of the County report to you. I committed to you that I would continue to communicate the County’s activities to you. This report seeks to do just that. First, nothing the County does is possible without the work of many people. From the […]

On The Passing of Mrs. Rearden

I just thought I would comment on the passing of Mrs. Rearden. From different articles I have read about her, she exemplifies an OUTSTANDING American and a GREAT Lady.  The thing that caught my eye was her getting a drivers license in 1965.  My father passed in late 1978 and the following summer I paid for my […]

Thank You for Response to Fire

Letter to the Editor: I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the firemen, the policemen, my neighbors, the ambulance staff, and the Edgefield Hospital for helping me contain the fire in my home.  You are true servants of the community. May God bless you, and continue to use you in His service. Patsy Walton

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