Edgefield’s George Thornton in the Persian Gulf

Edgefield’s George Thornton in the Persian Gulf

NWTF to Visit Troops Overseas

The NWTF has partnered with Armed Forces Entertainment and Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund to participate in the first Outdoor Legends Tour.

NWTF CEO and proud Edgefield resident George C. Thornton, NWTF spokespersons Brenda Valentine and Michael Waddell, NWTF Foundation Board member Ryan Klesko and a number of other famous outdoorsmen will tour Europe and South Asia military bases this spring to visit active-duty United States military personnel.

“When Lt. Col. Deal approached me with this opportunity several months ago, my heart swelled with honor,” said Thornton. “That I was asked to go, not as an individual but as a representative of the entire NWTF membership, is at the very least humbling. I can’t wait to express NWTF members’ support and appreciation for our servicemen and women and offer our prayers for their wellbeing and a safe, speedy return home.”

Thornton and Mossy Oak’s Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland worked closely with tour creator, retired U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Lew Deal, to recruit outdoor industry celebrities to participate in the tour.

Deal and retired USMC Maj. Gen. Randy West, an Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund board member, will lead Thornton, Valentine, Waddell, Strickland and fellow celebrity outdoor personalities Jim Zumbo, Jim Shockey, Jerry Martin and Bill Miller on the 10-day tour.

“For those currently serving in a war zone there are few things that mean as much as knowing the folks back home care about you,” said Deal. “It’s a hand-shake tour. There will be no production crews, no agents or sponsors − just high-profile outdoor people mingling, posing for photos with the troops and thanking them for their service.”

For safety reasons, the exact location of the visits of the Outdoors Legends Tour can’t be disclosed until after the tour is complete. Thornton will blog about the trip on a regular basis and updates can be found at www.nwtf.org or www.facebook.com/theNWTF

George Thornton speaking at NWTF's recent annual convention in Nashville.



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