Glitter and Glamour at the Theatre Gala

Glitter and Glamour at the Theatre Gala
A guest at the show gives her accolades to the stars Debbie Fryer and Melissa McElmurray just minutes after they concluded their performance. Both actresses seem still “in character” as Louise and Patsy.

It was a glittering night at the William Bouknight Theatre as theatre board members treated the contributors who have given great support to the theatre. This was Wednesday evening, April 18. These steady supporters were given an invitation to a special showing of Always, Patsy Cline, a musical written by Ted Swindley and directed here in Edgefield by Bradley Watts and is receiving rave reviews as it opens on April 20 for all to see. Black tie was the dress though some chose cocktail – all formal and glittering.

The Gala includes a social hour before curtain time and a grand smorgasbord at the end of the play.  Actors receive the guests in the lobby following the show, as the invitees move toward a smorgasbord for a late night supper.

Laughter and heavy applause had charged the group during the performance, and the kudos to the cast continued to be heard until each member of the audience had had his fill and journeyed home.

An added special treat was having theatre board members dress in serving costumes, white shirts and black pants with an apron sporting the theatre logo, which enhanced the atmosphere of gratitude for the guests’ generosity to the theatre company.

Dr. Ned Nicholson and Judge Bob Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Martin
Cherie Griffin and her son Gabe Miller
Two board members in their “service uniforms,” Beth Worth (left) and Pamela Moore, were joined in this picture by Beth’s son Jake Hatcher and a friend of Jake’s, Kord Williams.



2 Responses to "Glitter and Glamour at the Theatre Gala"

  1. pamela moore   April 22, 2012 at 10:03 am

    The pictures of the Edgefield County Theatre Company’s Gala are terrific so was the Gala and “Always Patsy Cline” is a great success

  2. Lisa Bland   April 25, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    I was so excited about being at the Black Tie Gala for “Always Patsy Cline”.
    The food was WONDERFUL! Being able to be with Family Neighbors and Friends is always special.
    The show was one of the Best, I found myself laughing crying and clapping and singing along. It was a Special night.
    The town of Edgefield is so lucky to have the theatre.
    A big Thank You to all who have a hand in this.