An Edgefieldian in Paris – Updated x4

An Edgefieldian in Paris – Updated x4


Sean Burch, whom you may know as manager of The Turkey Shoppe on Main Street, and his wife Lynn are traveling by motorcycle through France over the next few days. He has always kept a travel journal, but this time he will be posting updates to his blog along his journey.

Follow Sean and his group of touring motorcyclists via his Blog as they motor across the French countryside. You can pinpoint Sean’s current location with his SpotTracker.




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  1. Butler Derrick III   May 16, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    If you make it back to Paris visit ‘Musee de la Chasse et Nature”….. It is an super cool museum that is dedicated to Hunting&Nature.., Art,Arms and Mounts dating back 500 yrs. My wife and I visited it in Jan. Safe Travels Butler