“Piper Tales” – Chapter 5 – Smokey

The Continuing Adventures of a Very Lucky Black and White Dog

By Penny L. Hunt

Chapter 5 – Smokey

Last week:  A severe thunderstorm warning canceled the PTO meeting and sent most of the families hurrying for home leaving two small puppies alone inside a drainage pipe.

As River and her dad left the PTO meeting and hurried for home ahead of the approaching storm, they made one quick stop.  River’s dad pulled his pick-up to the side of the road adjacent to the drainage ditch and stepped out into the pouring rain to lift the raccoon trap from the bed of his truck. Luckily, the open can of smelly cat food was still inside.  After hurriedly setting the trap, he placed it near the edge of the ditch and climbed back into the truck. “Thanks Dad” River said, “You’re the best!”  “You’re welcome” he said, adding, “And now we best be on our way!”

The storm lasted most of the night but, as school opened in the morning, the sun was shining and the remaining puddles of water were beginning to disappear.  Electric power was out in a few places but no lasting damage had occurred. Everyone at the meeting had made it home safely and sheltered their vehicles from the damaging hail.  When the bell rang signaling the beginning of another day of school, the wind and rain were all but forgotten.

The puppies were not!  Especially by Rhett who woke up early, gulped down a bowl of cereal and rode his bike to school an hour early.  When he saw the trap sitting next to the ditch his heart leaped for joy with thankfulness for River and her Dad.  They did it!  They put the trap out in the pouring rain!  What he saw next broke his heart.

A tiny gray and white form lay still in the road obviously the victim of an encounter with a car.  Tears filled Rhett’s eyes as he looked for any signs of life in the pup and then anger, white hot anger, welled up in him as he thought of the person who had left the helpless little creatures to fend for themselves.

He turned and half-heartedly looked at the trap.   Weeping openly now, tears blurring his vision, he nearly missed seeing the smoky-gray figure curled next to the can of empty cat food.  Wiping away the tears he hurried over to the trap.  The puppy inside stirred and Rhett said aloud, “Thank you, Lord” as he opened the trap and wrapped the wet and shaking puppy inside his sweater.

Together they sat on his bike until Headmaster Shellet arrived and opened the gates. It was hard to tell who was happier as together they dried the puppy with a towel. When Rhett told him about the other puppy, Headmaster Shellet squeezed his shoulder, told him to stay with “Smokey” and walked out to the road.

They buried the puppy beneath a tree before any of the other students arrived.  Headmaster Shellet said a prayer thanking God for the puppies and asked Him to comfort all the students and staff as they learned of this puppy’s death.  He also prayed asking God to help Rhett forgive the person who had abandoned the pups and not allow a bitter seed of hatred to take root in his heart.  Rhett said, “Amen” but not about the forgiveness part.  There was no way he was going to forgive whoever it was that had done such a cruel and heartless thing.  They did not deserve to be forgiven!

Walking back to the school, Rhett asked Headmaster Shellet what he was going to do with “Smokey”.  “That’s a good question he said.  I’m not sure…  (To be continued next week)


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