Edgefield Has New Postmaster

Edgefield Has New Postmaster
Nancy Snellings, Edgefield Postmaster
Nancy Snellings, Edgefield Postmaster

Nancy Snellings is the mother of four children, two of whom are married, and one grandchild and one on-the-way.  She met her husband when he came into the Post Office where his parents had a P.O. Box. She has been with the Post Office since age 19.

Nancy started out at the Augusta Plant, as she calls it, like Susan Curry of Trenton (story here).  Another “alike” thing – Susan and Nancy went to school together in their hometown of Evans, Ga.

Nancy came to Edgefield from Bath where she was Postmaster (she does not call her job “postmistress,” by the way).  Her job became official on December 15, though she had been working here for some time before that.

All in all, she loves this job.  Every now and then, like the day she was interviewed, they are short-staffed and things are more difficult.  (Two were not able to come in that day.) She says she finds the customers in Edgefield “wonderful,” as is the staff.  She noted that very soon she will lose another staffer, Ernestine, who will be retiring in a month.

In February it will be 34 years that Nancy Snellings has been an employee with the US Postal Service.  She started in February, 1979.  She went to Grovetown and then back to Evans before taking on a postmaster job at Vaucluse until 1989.  From there, to Bath, and then Edgefield.

Because of her time in “the Valley,” as it is known, she can reel off the names of the towns known to all of us.  However, this reporter had never heard them all named off at once.  Snellings did just that for the reporter and so we include them for the edification of our readers: Granitevillle, Warrenville, Gloverville, Langley, Bath, Vaucluse, Clearwater.

Thank you, Nancy.

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