Positive Examples

Dear Editor:

Recently, as I was having lunch at Pine Ridge, I looked across the room to see six ladies enjoying the fellowship of a day out together.  As I thought about them, I realized that collectively they represent over 500 years of life here in Edgefield County.  Whether as a teacher, town leader or provider of summer jobs, they, along with their spouses, had been instrumental in the lives of the other six men seated with me at our table.

As they began to leave the dining room, I rose to greet them.  I looked behind me to realize that each of my fellow lunch bunch had also risen to greet them.  They, too, knew how important these ladies and their families have been to life in Our County.

Here’s to Jackie Boatwright, Jewel Edwards, Averrill Courtney, Lillian Hughes, Margaret Edwards, and Jackie Holmes.  The lives that you and your families have led are positive examples to the lives of many others.

Andy Livingston

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