Recovery Works Begins 5th Year of Operation

Many of the people in our community, as well as all over the country, are very aware of what has become an overwhelming epidemic. An epidemic that like a wildfire, has the capability of extreme destruction with everything it comes in contact with. This epidemic being referred to is the addiction to alcohol and drugs. It is estimated that addiction touches the lives in some way of 75% of our American population. While of course greatly affecting the life of the individual suffering from the addiction, it also impacts each person in contact with the individual. Most of us know of someone who is suffering from addition, and for far too many of us, it is a family member. Yes, it is much easier to avoid the issue, to keep it quiet and try not to let anyone find out – but that is not the answer. Admitting there is a problem, confronting the issue and GETTING HELP is the answer.

Help is available, and one extremely successful organization that can provide that help is located in the small rural town of Ridge Spring, SC, and is called Recovery Works. Located at 2269 Ridge Spring Hwy, 803/685-6067, on the web at or via email at the organization is starting in its fifth year of operation. Recovery Works (The Ponderosa) is a program for men to help overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Founded and Directed by Flint Thomas, Recovery Works offers a long-term, residential program that is faith based, and utilizes the principles of both the Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous 12-Step Programs. With the daily application of AA & NA thru meetings, films, step work, etc, combined with residents performing all of the work at the facility (gardening, cleaning, laundry, cooking, animal care, etc), men are given a chance to turn their lives around and learn to live without the presence of substances. The organization operates on the belief that when a resident has to be responsible and is living a structured and disciplined lifestyle that the therapeutic values of these teach and allow them to thrive through making a contribution. The resident then is provided with an opportunity to live a happy, productive, and successful life. Sometimes this is the first opportunity these men have had to experience this – and it is something most of us take for granted.

Recovery Works is a non-profit 5013C organization, and does not receive any Local, State or Federal Government funds. Also, since it is not a medical facility, insurance is not accepted. Operation relies solely on donations and from what is considered a very minimal rate, compared to the cost of other programs. The term of stay for a resident normally ranges from 6 months to one year, and is at a cost of $1,200.00 per month. With residents from SC & GA, as well as from other states even as far away as Arizona, Kentucky and Massachusetts, the year 2012 saw 13 Recovery Works residents complete a 6-month program. Since Recovery Works inception, for those who have completed the program, 80% have been able to maintain long term sobriety.


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