One Arrested in Attack of Wesley Spires

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the identity and arrest of one of the suspects in the Riverwalk attack on Wesley Spires and Ashley Solesbee.  Lt. Calvin Chew of the RCSO, who spoke with The Advertiser on Mon., May 13, said the second suspect, 21 years old Robby Moses, was arrested without incident over the weekend in Newberry, SC.  However, the first suspect, Kevin Richardson, named earlier in the week of May 6 in connection to this case, remains at large.

With Moses at the time of his arrest was 19 years old Dominque Hale, whom Lt. Chew referred to as Moses’ girlfriend.  Lt. Chew said this pair was also connected in another attack at the Riverwalk that occurred the day prior to the Spires/Solesbee attack.  In this other attack, the pair is accused of beating and carjacking a man.

According to Lt. Chew, Moses is being charged with a total of 5 charges thus far in connection with these two attacks.  Those charges include 3 counts of robbery by force and 2 counts of aggravated assault.

As previously stated, the first suspect named in the Spires/Solesbee case, Kevin Richardson, is still on the run.  Lt. Chew stated that all indications are Richardson is no longer in the Augusta area.  However, citing the fleeing of Moses, Lt. Chew insisted running does not mean the suspect will not be apprehended.

As for Moses, his arrest was aided by the Newberry Sheriff’s Office and the SC Law Enforcement Division.  Lt. Chew said, “SLED and Newberry were great in assisting us.”  Moses and Hale are still being held in Newberry, but Lt. Chew said it is his understanding the two have waived extradition and should be in RCSO custody shortly.

The investigation into this crime is still ongoing.  The Advertiser will continue to follow its progress and issue updates as they become available.

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