First Aid for All Grades

First Aid for All Grades

first-aid-trainingEdgefield County EMS provides First Aid Training for a group of small children at Edgefield County Youth Empowerment Center’s After School “Matters” Program. “The majority of the children we serve spend a few hours home alone before or after school due to the work schedule or other commitments of their caregiver, says, Edgefield County Youth Empowerment Center’s CEO, Marcella Edwards. “ We want to ensure they are prepared for any emergency”.

“Emergencies are frightening situations. Their unexpected nature makes them difficult to respond to, yet a little education and advanced planning can avert a disaster. Children will encounter emergencies, and despite their young age, they can save lives by simple actions”, says, Edwards. I advise parents not to wait until an emergency occurs to discuss these situations with your children, educate them about how to respond before an emergency occurs.

The children enjoyed patching up their wounded stuffed animals as they practiced first aid skills with Jewel Plaxco and Michael Butler. Edgefield County EMS will conduct a CPR Training for the older youth during the Summer Enrichment Program in June.


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  1. jl rosner   June 10, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Great idea. Maybe we should teach all our children 1st aid.