Happy Birthday Piper!

Happy Birthday Piper!

Piper Tales is a weekly serial story about a very lucky black and white dog which can be found each week in the print edition of The Edgefield Advertiser. Subscribe today, so you don’t miss any of Piper’s Adventures. Ed. Note.

Last year as school began in the somewhere town of Sandy Clay, South Carolina, two 6th grade boys discovered three abandoned puppies living in a pipe. One of those puppies was black and white and the boy who rescued him named him “Piper”!

As The Edgefield Advertiser and author of Piper Tales, Penny Hunt, celebrate a year of bringing you the weekly adventures of Piper and his young master, Bill, it is the perfect time to review the major characters of the stories.

Piper – A very lucky black and white dog;

Bill Shellet – The boy who found Piper and gave him his name;

Sanford Shellet – Bill’s father and Headmaster of Whitman Academy;

Lynn Shellet – Bill’s mother and 6th grade teacher at Whitman Academy;

Rhett Brown – Bill’s best friend and classmate;

Coretta Brown – Rhett’s widowed grandmother;

Sheriff Tommy Allan – Sandy Clay’s Sheriff and Coretta’s boyfriend;

Deputy Mike Broder – Sheriff Allan’s deputy;

Maddie Shepherd – Another of Bill’s classmates;

Frank Mack  – Sandy Clay’s Fire Chief;

Buddy Green – Whitman Academy’s football coach;

Dr. Ted Alexander – Sanford Shellet’s doctor

Pastor Todd Johnston – Methodist Pastor / Whitman Academy Chaplain;

Ben Bagton – Sandy Clay Animal Hospital Veterinarian

Peter Stone – High School math teacher at Whitman Academy;

Summer Station – Neighboring town of Sandy Clay;

Dillon Doskey – Whitman Academy drop-out with a checkered past.

Captain Hunt Worden – Sanford Shellet’s brother – Bill’s uncle

Pam Worden – Hunt Worden’s wife

Josh & Jake Carter – Twin boys Bill’s age – neighbors of Hunt and Pam Worden


Coloring Contest

cakeDownload the large version, Print, Color & Decorate Piper’s birthday cake then mail it to:

The Edgefield Advertiser
P.O. Box 628
Edgefield, SC  29824

The most creative entry will win a gift certificate for a cake made especially for them and have their picture in the newspaper!

Hurry!  Contest ends September 30th with the winner to be announced October 2, 2013.

Entries must include your full name, age, and the school (or home school) you attend.