Profiles in Politics: Bill Connor

– By G. Miller Thompson –

Orangeburg resident and self proclaimed Tea Party Republican Bill Connor joins this “Profiles” series as he officially announced his campaign for the 2014 GOP Senate nomination.  Connor does not currently hold public office but has served our nation as an officer for the US Army for 23 years.  He is the former GOP Chairman for South Carolina’s Sixth Congressional District, serves as Chairman of Orangeburg Christian Academy, and has authored a book.  Connor has a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina and is a practicing partner at Horger and Conner, LLC.

On the issue of Syria, Connor agrees that Bashir Assad should be replaced.  That being said, he notes that “the groups facing Assad are primarily Islamist and might be an even worse replacement.”  Connor believes that his extensive experience overseas in Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, and Afghanistan enable him to offer a unique perspective on these types of international debate.  “At this point, we must be clear that we will not support the rise of power of any Islamist groups who will oppose our interests and values.”

Bill Connor

Proudly wearing the conservative moniker, Connor expresses concern for the direction in which our nation is going.  “I do not feel the Constitution is being enforced in the 21st century,” he pointedly states.  Specifically on the issues of healthcare and education, Connor believes that the federal government has overstepped its bounds and is venturing in to unconstitutional domain.  He calls on the government to return to the Constitution “before it’s too late.”

When asked his opinion on South Carolina’s greatest national interest, Connor points to Obamacare.  As he alleges, Obamacare is a scheme by the Obama Administration to hijack one-eighth of the US economy.  As a result, the national debt is continuing to explode.  Connor says that legislators must work to reign in government before we become a “European style big government.”

As South Carolina’s senator, Connor says we can expect him to follow the example set by former Senator Jim DeMint.  He will stand alongside Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in their fight to reduce the size of government.  Connor would like to see conservatives stand united on “certain pieces of legislation.”  The problem, according to Connor is that Congress has “too many Lindsey Graham’s willing to give in.”

In his first term, Connor says he will “fight tooth and nail” to balance the budget and stop running deficits each year.  He believes this is the first step to decreasing our serious debt.  In addition, he supports a flat tax in order to make the tax code fair for all Americans.  The goal, according to Connor, is to move toward a consumption-based tax.  Running a small business gives Connor personal experience with the hardships of large government on small private business.

Connor does not support amnesty.  Rewarding lawbreakers “only encourages more lawbreaking.”  The answer is to control the border and enforce existing law for those overstaying their visas.  He warns that he will be “hard nosed” on this issue because “that’s what the people of South Carolina expect.”

Connor and his family are members of Christ Church of the Carolinas in Columbia.  On a 1 to 10 scale, Connor says without question his faith is a 10 in everything in his life.  He references Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 as the Biblical mandate for government.  Government is to be the sword that protects from external and internal enemies while the church is to be responsible for charity.  “It is not ‘charity’ to force tax money at the point of the sword to give that money to a cause decided by the state,” Connor sums up.  He does not believe in theocracy, but a Constitutional Democracy founded upon Biblical principles.  Jesus Christ is the most influential person in his life.

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